Is Grammarly Premium Worth It?

Whether you are a freelancer or you simply use grammarly on a regular basis, you may wonder if it is worth paying for the premium version of this app. The answer depends on a few factors. This article discusses a few of them.

Grammar checks

Using a Grammarly premium account is like having your own second pair of eyes on your writing. It will tell you what you’re doing wrong and recommend a few ways to fix it.

In the ten years since its introduction, Grammarly has become a juggernaut. The company has amassed a collection of over 16 billion online pages. It offers a number of writing tools and add-ins to enhance your written work. It also has an excellent support system for budding writers.

Grammarly Premium is a comprehensive writing tool that checks spelling, grammar, and punctuation in a variety of formats. It also provides plagiarism checks on more than 30 document types.

Grammarly’s team of computational linguists and deep learning engineers regularly tweak their algorithms to enhance its accuracy. This means that Grammarly can catch more mistakes than its basic grammar checker counterpart.

Plagiarism checker

Using a plagiarism checker is a great way to ensure your content is original and credible. However, it is important to know which tools are best for your needs.

Grammarly is a popular plagiarism checker. It can scan billions of web pages for duplicate content. It can also detect plagiarism from academic databases, textbooks and publications. In addition to checking plagiarism, Grammarly can also detect issues relating to grammar and wordiness.

Grammarly works with most writing programs, including Microsoft Word. It also has an app for iOS and Android. However, it does not support Apple Pages or Google docs.

Grammarly’s plagiarism checker uses machine learning algorithms to detect plagiarism and other issues relating to language. The tool identifies similar sentence structure, wordiness, and phrasing. It also provides links to the original source.

Sentence rewrites

Using Grammarly Premium, you can unlock full sentence rewrites and tone adjustments. These rewrites help you write clearer, more compelling writing.

The premium version also offers a formality checker. This feature helps you ensure that your writing is appropriate for your audience. You can use this feature for research papers, online course discussions, and reports.

Grammarly offers a mobile app, which you can use to type reports on your iOS or Android keyboard. You can also access Grammarly’s web application through your Grammarly account.

While the free version offers a handful of writing tools, the premium version is the most feature-packed. You can use grammar suggestions, create a dictionary, and even request data reports. The premium version also offers plagiarism checks.

The premium version is the best choice for those who want to improve their writing. It includes writing tips, tone rewrite suggestions, and even an automated correction tool. It also offers tone adjustments to improve your message’s emotional impact.

Tone of voice suggestions

Using Grammarly’s tone of voice suggestions to craft a better message is an effective way to boost your writing and enhance your audience’s experience. These suggestions will help you craft clearer writing, better grammar, and stronger prose. They are also easy to use.

Grammarly’s tone of voice suggestions are the result of a series of algorithms. These algorithms analyze writing styles to determine which tones work best. The result is a personalized writing coach.

Grammarly offers three levels of tone of voice suggestions. They range from basic to advanced. Each level has its own set of features. For instance, the advanced suggestions will help you create an engaging tone for your writing. Those suggestions are based on the results of Grammarly’s tone detector.

The advanced suggestions will also help you find the right tone for a particular message. For example, the advanced suggestions will help you write a better tone if you’re writing for a social media site.


Whether you are a professional writer or student, Grammarly Premium is a tool that can help you express your ideas effectively. It has a sophisticated system that helps you spot patterns of error in your writing. It also provides recommendations to make your writing more engaging.

Grammarly Premium can help you reduce errors, improve tone and clarity, and improve word choice. It can also suggest alternative words to replace overused vocabulary. Its plagiarism checker compares your writing to over 16 billion sites, ensuring your content is original.

Grammarly Premium is compatible with a variety of writing apps and tools, including MS Word and Google Docs. It can also be used on any browser. It has a UI that is easy to use. It breaks down your text into color-coded suggestions.

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